Steelcase Inc: post+beam interior architecture system
An evolution from Steelcase's previous architectural systems designs. Post+Beam provides great flexibility in architectural space definition, along with easy routing of power and data to support work. Use of aluminum extrusions, perforated metal, and transluscent plastics create a quiet, lighter aesthetic.

Easily accessible fasteners, along with its t-slot system allow for easy installation and quick reconfigurability. Engineering and Design is a quiet instantiation of the "circular economy" concept many years before it got a name-- all components and materials were easily reclaimable for further re-use through deliberate materials and finishes selections.

Mark Zeh roles: close collaboration with Steelcase Design to finish concept, leadership of engineering team, leadership of buildout of 20,000 square foot display space, leadership of all testing and qualification, final manufacturing design, identification of platform development partners.

design: Steelcase Design

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