Fluid Resistance and Wind Resistance Trainer technology invention and product design
A quiet revolution in indoor bicycle trainers, The Cycle-Ops Fluid Trainer (current generation for sale on site) allows realistic workouts without the wind roar of wind resistance trainers or the whining of magnetic resistance trainers

The tuned geometry of its rotor, spinning in a sealed container partially-filled with a specially-selected non-newtonian fluid, allows a speed-dependent resistance profile identical to that of a cyclist powering along on the road. The Result: Turning any gear on your bicycle at a specific cadence would require just as much power as it would on a flat road, replicating your road workout indoors.

design: Rational Product Development (Mark Zeh and George Stickler)

Photos from RPD studio 1994, 1995, and Popular Science Magazine April, 1995 Issue

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